Rebuilding Livelihoods of Victims of Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking

  • Rebuilding Livelihoods of Victims of Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking

    Core activities: In order to redefine and enhance the livelihood options among VOCSETs, the project has planned four core activities. The process adopted towards this includes:

    •    Formation of livelihood groups by organizing five VOCSETS living in the same location.
    •    Identify opportunities for livelihood promotion by assessing skills and capacities of the group members.
    •    Training (Job related) on market oriented vocational options and life skills education. and
    •    Conducting orientation workshops for members interested in self employment on business planning, market feasibility analysis, business proposal development, financial institutions and markets.

    • Project team was selected, Project office was established at Rangareddy, 13 hotspots (i.e., villages with VOCSETs) were identified

    •    145 orientation meetings were held to JLGs on the project
    •    Established functional relations with APSACS at district level.
    •    Meeting with 12 local banks on opening accounts for JLGs.

    Achievements :

    Training imparted to all the Selected project staff on project principles and practices, including collection of baseline informationIdentified 13 hotspots (one per mandal) with VOCSETS in higher number for initiating project; and Organized 145 groups with 725 members. Groups formed in each village ranges from 7 to 15.


    VOCSETS in 13 hotspots have improved awareness on the project; and they joined in the Joint Liability groups for rebuilding their livelihoods.