Orphan Home

“We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” - Mother Theresa


    What makes Not Alone our flagship program? Part of the answer lies in its long reach and vast scope. To date, the program has helped empower nearly 42 children all across Telangana, and nearly 20 were enrolled in 2016 alone. Another part of the answer lies in Not Alone’s goal of raising children’s academic achievement, building a well-rounded personality, and increasing their sense of volunteerism as future leaders of society. By connecting fatherless children with these building blocks for a successful life, Not Alone helps empower them to break the cycle of poverty. Day in and day out, year after year, each builds a long-term relationship with the children they serve, connecting with each child through home visits, life-skills workshops, and community activities. Not surprisingly, the Staff are the pillars of Arunodaya Orphans’ educational focus.

    They are skilled at translating this focus into daily activities, whether that be help with homework or assistance with securing in-depth tutoring. Provided life-saving medicine for Bhargav, an HIV+ child. Shortly after Bhargav was born, his mother became very sick. The dreams of her recovery were shattered when she was diagnosed as HIV positive. HIV/AIDS in most remote parts of Telangana is almost a sure death sentence. After the loss of his mother, it was discovered that Bhargav was also HIV positive. Soon Bhargav’s father passed away as well, and Bhargav was taken to live with his grandmother who could only afford one meal per day for Bhargav, a shack for shelter, and tattered clothing. At just two years old, Bhargav was incredibly frail and his health was deteriorating rapidly. He was brought into an orphanage which provided him with critically needed medical care. After some time in the children’s home, Bhargav was adopted, but the costs of his anti-retroviral medication were extremely difficult for the family to bear. Your gifts provided the resources for his adoptive family to sustainably support Bhargav. He is now a child just like any other. Attending school, playing football and diligently taking his medicine, Bhargav has a bright future ahead of him. Thank you for helping Bhargav and his family!