Agriculture & Natural Resource Management

  • Agriculture & Natural Resource Management

    Arunodaya Trust works in rainfed eco-systems which provides food and employment to more than 60% of India’s population. In the recent period the agriculture sector and farmers experienced severe agrarian crisis due to poor public and private investments resulting in falling agriculture GDP. The country has also experienced large number of farmers suicides which resulted in multiple burden on women and children. The Government in the new budget emphasised on empowering farming community and also the sustainable development goal 1, 2, 10, 13 and 15 aimed at addressing the multiple issues faced by the farming communities. Responding to the needs of farmers Arunodaya Trust adopted various measures of Watershed approach to bring overall development of land, water, vegetation and livelihoods. Gender and women’s participation is the top most consideration for any NRM project of Arunodaya Trust to further advance the Interest of dryland agriculture and women farmers.