About Us

“We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” - Mother Theresa


    At Arunodaya Trust we aim to help orphans all over the Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.To relieve their suffering and to give them a brighter future. We want to “send them a little hope.”

    Every day over 6,000 children are orphaned, these children desperately need our help. We understand that we cannot help everyone, but by helping rebuild and renovating orphanages giving orphans a safe place to stay can mean all the difference to those most in need.

    We aim to raise the standard of living for orphans around the world by providing clean water, proper sanitation, medication, clothing and education, this will allow all orphans to realize their birthright of living a happy life by developing their potential and paving their way to adulthood.

    We see education as the road to lead orphans out of the life of hardship and will put great emphasis on learning through play, and vocational training which will see children ready to enter adulthood and provide for themselves and their families.

    Only education can end this cycle, which sees generation after generation living in such terrible conditions. Children are our future, so with your help and generosity we can ensure that orphans will see a better tomorrow.

    Arunodaya trust also provides funding for Post-doctoral International Research Fellowship as a part of its scholarship program to students. Through the trust, many students have also received coaching for civil services and have successfully cleared their UPSC exams. As a part of its Social responsibility, the board of Directors and trust members are dedicated to long-term value creation and philanthropic activities by providing Education and Healthcare through its trust. The eligible candidates can apply by mailing us with supporting documents