• Nutrition support for HIV/AIDS infected Children

    The HIV/AIDS epidemic is the largest humanitarian disaster and it is producing generation of AIDS Orphans and vulnerable Children. the great majority of children from poorest homes are left to struggle alone and deprived of love and protection of parents and suffer from stigma and discrimination in the community.

    AIDS orphans and HIV infected children bear their own grief, agony, emotional aloofness and worry about survival. Thousands of children living in hunger and desperate poverty. These children are abused, neglected and stigmatized and they have craving for love of people. They need love and lot of support.

    We believe that every infected or affected child deserves a chance to live a happy and healthy life.

    Arunodaya Trust is working for the benefit of the AIDS Orphans and HIV/AIDS infected and affected children since 2008.

    These infected kids need special care. Because infected victim body undergoes several changes, both from disease and ART medications. HIV infected victim may experience extreme weight loss, infections, or diarrhea. Another common change is lipodystrophy (fat distribution syndrome) which causes body shape changes and increases in cholesterol levels. Making improvements in diet can improve health condition.

    Nutritious food with high calories, Proteins, Carbohydrates, minerals, veggies, fruits, whole grains can have several benefits on the HIV infected child.

    •    Nutritious food improves overall quality of life by providing nutrients to the body needs.
    •    Nutritious food keeps immune system stronger that fights disease.
    •    Nutritious food helps manage HIV symptoms and complications.
    •    Nutritious food processes medications and helps manage their side effects.

    Arunodaya Trust has enrolled about 120 HIV infected Orphan children. In our survey, it was established that many of these little children live in hunger or single meal, because most of these children are in the care of aged grandmothers , after their parents died of AIDS. These grandmothers themselves live by insufficient old-aged pension and they have no other way to earn more to feed this infected children. These infected children live in hunger and their immune system deteriorates without proper food and finally they end their life abruptly. Sacred society vision is to save these HIV infected children and end their hunger. Therefore, these child victims are provided with a package of food items like: 1.10 kgs Rice, 1Kg cooking oil, 1Kg of Dhal, 1 kg of jaggary , 1 Kg Raagi flour,and Soaps every month. Each package cost Rs.700.