• Medical Camps

    The Arunodaya Trust organizes free medical camps round the year in the slums of Rangareddy District. The Appreciation Arunodaya Trust would like to thank its members Dr. Anusha, Bangalore who provided drugs and Mr. Prasada Rao, who had helped in preparing the organizational banners, pamphlets and translation of the informative brochures from English to local language. Also ARUNODAYA TRUST would like to thank the villagers, local associations and organizations for their untiring efforts and support to ARUNODAYA TRUST in conducting the medical camp Objective. The local population of the Village and its surroundings are about 2000, mostly consisting of elderly people (men and women) and children. The young population has migrated to neighboring cities seeking for jobs. There is neither private nor public medical facility functioning in the village. The existing center is ill equipped with basic medicines and medical instruments. Most of the time the doctors are absent. These factors drive away the crowd to local medical practitioners who are not qualified. Alternatively, the villagers have to travel all the way to Rapur seeking medical aid at the local Community health center which is not adequately equipped. Coordinating with Mediciti Hospitals from Shamirpet has helped the Arunodaya Trust to assess the population in each cluster, the number of elderly people, socioeconomic and health problems of the elderly people, quality and availability of health facilities in and around the area. The Arunodaya Trust proposed to conduct continued medical camps, thereby to bring the primary health care to the doorstep of the villagers. Camp activity and achievement In coordination with Mediciti Hospitals, the Arunodaya Trust had organized its medical camp in villages. The services offered at the medical camp here

    •    Medical checkup (general) of the patients and diagnosis.
    •    Dispensing medicines.
    •    Referring patients who needed specialized care to the nearest hospitals.
    •    Referring the patients to diagnostic laboratories which would charge nominal fees from the patients that is reimbursed by the Organization.
    •    Counseling the patients A total of 20000 people were treated at the camp and nearly 500 were provided counseling.