Organizational Beliefs

  • Organizational Beliefs

    ARUNODAYA TRUST has similar beliefs to those for which it was initially founded. These include issues related to wage movement, land rights, livelihoods, food security & good health, women’s rights, empowerment, fundamentalism, injustice and market exploitation. It is ARUNODAYA TRUST’s perception that poverty is created by many interconnected and interdependent problems. ARUNODAYA TRUST believes that the bonds between these problems can only be broken and development made truly sustainable by addressing many of the issues simultaneously. Most NGO’s have chosen to specialize their expertise in one or two areas but ARUNODAYA TRUST has retained its emphasis on the holistic approach. ARUNODAYA TRUST believes it must work in all sectors of the development context as shown in the diagram to be effective and sustainable.

    Furthermore, ARUNODAYA TRUST believes that the community will only truly embrace development if they themselves identify their Arunodaya Trusts and lead the process of change.

    ARUNODAYA TRUST takes a very strong stand against corruption and bribery. It is not open to either giving or receiving bribes. ARUNODAYA TRUST’s stand in this area is now widely recognized in the community. ARUNODAYA TRUST encourages other organisations to follow its lead.