Managing Trustee

  1. education

    Dear All, I Am VenkataRao B.F.A. Graduate, Founder Of This Trust.
    My Life Is An Example To This.

    I am VenkataRao B.F.A.(Bachelor of Fine Arts) Graduate from J.N.T.U., Hyderabad. I am from a rural village at Guntur, A.P., and India. We started Aunodaya with a view to help the society. Now a day’s so many children lead their life as HIV patients and orphans. Even they don’t know the meaning of HIV and the cause of that. Because the HIV patients and their children either they are infected or not are kept distance from the people even won’t help.

    In my childhood, my father, mother and I are living happily. My father is a farmer and mother is a house wife they are the first persons in every activity in our community, all the people in our community comes to my parents for the suggestions, they used to give good suggestions for their needs.

    Suddenly my father fell ill. After consulting the doctor my father talks to my mother alone and they become silent and did not talk to anybody even with me also. They seem very sad all the time. At that age, I don’t know the reason why they are so. Gradually our neighbours begin to avoid my parent like they were untouchables and murmured that my parents are infected with HIV and will die soon. I don’t know what that means, but one thing is confirmed that every body avoids the family in which any body infected with HIV, as I was avoided by all of my friends who like me most before.

    After few days my parents died one after the other and I become alone and none to look after me. Its very difficult to live as orphan especially as a child to the HIV patients because no one will take care of them even won’t help them, they have to lead fearful life. I taste the that bitterness in my life.

    I told you this not for your mercy the intention is “NONE HAS TO FACE MY SITUALTION”. AIDS acquired by the people through their wrong life will be gone through their burial, but what about their children either infected or not, who entered into our world through their parents shortest sexual excitement dreaming to fly like butterflies in the colourful world. if they are neglected and elevated from the society they will become orphans though they have parents and have to live like child labour because of insecurity even they become criminals with annoy to words society as they lack love and affection from the society. If it continues what happen to our world?, who is responsible for that?.

    Light follows darkness, Now I knew how HIV will acquire and the ways to prevent that. With the desire to educate the people, who unknowingly were entangled and will be entangled unfortunates into teeth of AIDS devil and give them helping hand through educating them and helping them with my level best.

    Come and join us we will break the silence. Raise our voice against AIDS. Give the helping hand to those unfortunates, helpless.

    Educate, Awake And Save Our World From The AIDS Devil.