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In computers will oversee these training sessions. The sessions will have detailed-curriculum that will help candidates to come to grips with computer languages. With 2 hours of training everyday they would be ready to take on the world within a short time.


Without a proper skill or expertise it is difficult to survive in this competitive world. For those interested in equipping themselves with such skills, Arunodaya offers Tailoring classes. A professional tutor will train students in an encouraging ambience to help grasp the nuances of tailoring. The session will last 2 hours everyday. Likewise, a Saree painting course, for hopeful candidates, which is also a good option for earning a livelihood, is available.

Spoken English

The reason many fail to land a job is due to lack of grip on English language. Arunodaya’s hopes to set this record straight. For those who are intent on supporting themselves, Arunodaya plans to lend a helping hand. Considering the importance of English in current situation, the organization offers Spoken English classes. Professionals who are well-versed with nuances of English language would be imparting classes to sharpen communication abilities of the students.


Arunodaya organizes a Day Care Centre for the slum children and adults. This centre will hold classes where they will impart the basics in education. The thought behind is to equip both children and adults with knowledge. Since the classes would take place in the evening from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm, even children and adults who work in the daytime can attend these classes. Professionals who understand the psychology of these individuals would be drafted to teach and mould these individuals so they can look forward to a better future.

Women And Prostitution

Women never intentionally turn to prostitution as a profession. Pressurizing circumstances often drive them to unwillingly embrace this dreaded profession. Superstitions, meaningless traditions, illiteracy, financial crises, corruption, discrimination and other practices compel them to accept something that they would avoid if an alternative is available. In fact, Andhra Pradesh is said to be a hub of prostitution.

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