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Providing Knowledge To Combat Against Diseases (HIV/Aids)

HIV/AIDS victims. The number only seems to be snowballing into bigger. The state of Andhra Pradesh records the second largest number of HIV/AIDS victims. The chief reason for the spread of this disease is lack of knowledge and awareness. Furthermore, fear of society, stigma, and discrimination restrict the victim from seeking the right treatment at the right time. This only makes the situation worse; eventually HIV victims end up in a miserable state. Arunodaya understands the plight of these individuals. Accordingly, it has implemented many programmes that center on educating the society. With teachings in the areas of moral practices and forearming them with knowledge, Arunodaya concentrates on high risk groups like truck drivers, migrant workers and youth (15-25 years) who can emerge as high risk.

Treatment For HIV/AIDS Victims

Arunodaya in association with Nirikshana has been able to identify 75 individuals who are afflicted with HIV. With its regular medical camps taking place at customary intervals, the number would probable swell into something bigger. The patients will be given necessary nutritional and medical assistance. The cost of the treatment and other medical help would be borne by the organizations.

Medial Camps

Arunodaya conducts one medical camp in twin cities every month. First, it identifies pockets of slum areas which have dire necessity for medical attention. Once, it decides on a particular slum, a medical camp would be set up. One doctor assisted by two nurses will check up on the patients. Arunodaya has strong tie-ups with CBN and together they ensure the treatment of the patients at renowned Mediciti hospitals free of cost.

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