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    Computer In computers will oversee these training sessions. The sessions will have detailed-curriculum that will help candidates to come to grips with computer languages. With 2 hours of training everyday they would be ready to take on the world within a short time. Tailoring Without a proper skill or expertise

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    A Lifeline For The Destitute Children Because the poor mostly are illiterate, therefore, the most gullible. It’s sad though. Because no one plans to remain an illiterate intentionally. In most cases, it’s constraints like supporting the family financially right from childhood that rob the children off their dream of studying.

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    Providing Knowledge To Combat Against Diseases (HIV/Aids) HIV/AIDS victims. The number only seems to be snowballing into bigger. The state of Andhra Pradesh records the second largest number of HIV/AIDS victims. The chief reason for the spread of this disease is lack of knowledge and awareness. Furthermore, fear of society,

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    A Home For The Destitute Children How does the shelter take care of the destitute children? To being with, it provides food thrice a day to the children. Takes care of their clothing and offers medical care and sanitation facilities. Moreover, it indulges children in recreation activities that will keep

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